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Stock Hardwoods

Quaker Millwork & Lumber stocks several different species of hardwoods. We can custom knife any of these woods to your specification.


Usually chosen for its smooth texture and fine grain, it offers an ideal surface for stained or painted finishes. Poplar is yellow in color with occasional streaks of gray or green. If you are planning on staining poplar, please specify when you order so we can provide material that has little green.

Red Oak

Usually chosen for its prominent and beautiful grain patterns, which vary from a close-knit vertical grain to a sweeping arch. It is very easy to finish and is popular where strength and durability are required. Oak varies in neutral color.


Usually chosen because it is heavy, hard, and very strong with an excellent resistance to abrasion and indentation. Maple is close-grained with a uniform texture varying from creamy white to a light brown.


Usually chosen for its rich color and smooth satiny texture with flowing grain patterns. Cherry typically has a pinkish hue which can exhibit shades varying in white, yellow, green, and gray. Small spots, holes, and specks are also characteristic to cherry.


Usually chosen for its fine straight grain that sometimes contains a beautiful parallel run which resembles ribbons. It is relatively hard, and very durable. Mahogany is most often a reddish brown color but occasionally is lighter with pale red to gray hints.


Usually chosen for its very smooth, fine, and uniform grain and characteristic light coloring. Birch’s coloring may vary from a creamy white to a light to medium brown.

We can also order in many other woods such as:

White Oak
Knotty Alder
European Beech
Brazilian Walnut
Brazilian Cherry

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